Hotkeys can be a great shortcut, especially for commonly used reports and program-wide forms. They are simple to make and use so let's get started!

To create a hotkey, go to the page you want to be the endpoint and copy the URL after

Once you have the page link, go to Accounts, and then click on the Hotkeys tab. (If you do not have a Hotkeys tab ask your Customer Success Manager to turn on that Feature for your agency.)

Click the +Create Hotkey button, enter the key combination you want for this page link, write the description of where the hotkey combination will take you, and copy the link into the URl box, and hit save. You now have a functioning hotkey!

Now, simply type in the key combination at any time while you are logged into your VerticalChange system (except when you are typing in a text box) and it will take you to the linked page!

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