The Form Builder includes a conditional branching feature that lets you decide which groups of data to show or hide depending on a user's answer to a previous question. 

Preparing Fields to be Branched

To create your custom path through a form, open up the form you'd like to add branching to in the Form Builder.

Then, add a Multiple answer or Single answer field to your form...

...and in the settings for the field, type in your question's options in the text boxes. This will be your branching question. 

Next, you will want to add a field group for each option that will be branched. The field group will hold all of the fields you want to appear when one of the options is selected. 

Find the Field Group box in the list of available fields and click to add it to the Form Builder underneath your branching question. 

Rename the field group label to match the option in the branching question that will trigger this group of data. 

Then in the field group, drag and drop the fields you want your user to complete when the option is selected.

Add any remaining field groups and fields to the form until all of the options you need to branch have an associated field group. 

Now that you have all of the data there, we will turn on branching and link the options with their field groups.

Enabling Branching

Start by scrolling to the top of the Form Builder and clicking Save Changes

Once the form has saved, return to your branching question and Toggle Settings to open up the question's settings. 

To turn branching on for the question, click the checkbox next to Enable Branching. 

Drop-down boxes will appear next to each of the question's option. You can use these drop-down boxes to select which field group should appear when the option is selected. 

Note: if you can't select the Enable Branching checkbox and there is a gray no-sign symbol, this means you need to save the form first!

Once you have linked the options to their associated field groups, click Save Changes.

You can now test out the branching functionality by filling out a form result for a contact and seeing how selecting/de-selecting options shows/hides your field groups!

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