The Permissions Feature is a great way to control who has access to what in your VerticalChange system. If you do not yet have the Permissions Feature turned on for your agency, simply chat VerticalChange that you are interested in trying it out and your Customer Success Manager will walk you through that first step.

To create, edit or delete permission sets, simply go to Accounts in the left-side navigation bar and then the Permission Set Tab . To make a new set, click the Create Permission Set button and select the abilities you want! If you do not know what some of the permissions abilities are please ask your Customer Success Manager or chat us anytime.

You can edit or delete a Permissions Set  by finding the one you want in the Permission Sets tab in the list of Sets. Under the Actions column to the far right of the Name, you will see a small Pencil in a Box icon and a Trash icon. Click the Pencil Box icon to open the set for editing, or the Trash icon to delete it. 

Once you have your Permission Sets created, you can assign them to your staff through their User Profiles in the Account tab.

Search for each User you want and in their Permissions tab you can select which Permission Set you want them to have from the drop down menu.

Then make sure they have correct Programs and Forms Access, and you are all set!

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