** Password policy settings are an added feature, so please reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you are interested in adding that to your agency. **

VerticalChange currently supports four password policies, which can be enabled from Accounts → Password Policies. These policies are meant to increase the security of your system.

Simply click the check box next to each policy you want to enable and it will immediately be turned on for all users in your agency. No need to save. If you uncheck the box it will immediately disable the policy.

Password Change Policy

Prevent users from changing their password more than once in a 24-hour period (this does not limit administrative password resets).

Password Expiration Policy

Require passwords to be reset by the user every 90 days.

Inactive User Policy

Automatically disable passwords after 90 days of user inactivity. 

(Users can ask their administrator for a password reset email if they need to resume use after 90 days of inactivity.)

Password Reuse Policy

Prevent password reuse (up to 12 previously used passwords stored).

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