VerticalChange is currently set to automatically log users off after a set amount of inactivity in the application. This is for your data security, as automatic logout is a requirement of HIPAA, and we are enhancing this feature in order to ensure HIPAA compliance and to provide flexibility for our users in setting automatic logout times.

The two main aspects of this enhancement include:

Screen Dimming - After 10 minutes of inactivity, a user's VerticalChange application will go dim. When the user moves the mouse or "wakes up" the application, the screen will brighten back up.

Logout Time Management - A new interface where Administrative users can set the minutes before Screen Dimming and Automatic Logout. By default, all agencies will be set to 10 minutes before Screen Dimming and 20 minutes before Automatic Logout. Below are instructions for how to change these defaults.

Changing Your Agency's Logout and Screen Dimming Times:

From the Main Menu, select Account and choose the tab for Settings. Enter a number value for the two new options, then click Save to apply the changes.

Note: The maximum time for Screen Dimming is 10 minutes and the maximum time for Automatic Logout is 30 minutes.

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