Use one of the following methods to find your Family:
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Contacts Grid

Once you have located your Family, find the field titled Add another contact to this family above the list of group members

Adding an Existing Contact to a Family

In the field, begin typing the name of the contact. If the contact already exists he or she will appear in the dropdown list as you type. Hover over the name to see more details about the contact to inform your choice. Click on the name of the person to add them to the group.

Adding a New Contact to a Family

If a contact does not show up in the list, click on Create NEW contact called NAME and add them to this group. Clicking on this option will open a pop out window where you can enter the contact type, detail data, program enrollment and staff assignment. Click save when finished entering the data and the client will be created and added to the group.

Adding Family Relationships and Notes

You can select the member’s family relationship from the dropdown list in the family members list.  You can also enter any notes in the following text box, and click the Save Changes button.

Removing a Contact from a Family

Contacts may be removed by clicking the Remove option to the right of the contact name, and clicking the Save Changes button at the top of the screen.

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