From the Main Menu, select Contacts. A list of all contacts in the system will be displayed.

You may choose to see the list of People, displayed by default, or Groups, by clicking on the Groups tab.

To find your contact, locate the search field labeled Filter by Name, in the right sidebar. In the search box, you can find a person by first or last name, with results displayed as you type.

Following the search filter are drop-down filters that allow you to find a contact by Contact Type, Assigned User, Program, and Status, or any combination of the filters. Search results are updated as you select filters.

When you are done with your filters, be sure to click the Clear Filters option located to the right of the main drop-down filters to show all of your contacts again.

Columns can be sorted in ascending or descending order by clicking the column title. An arrow pointing up or down and a number 1 will appear to the right of the title, indicating sorting is in place on that column.

A plus sign option to the left of each contact will expand a summary of contact information.

This summary includes First Name, Last Name, Unique ID, Contact Type, Enrolled Program(s), and Assigned Staff. Click the minus sign to close the summary.

You have more options in the Contacts Menu button, symbolized by three horizontal lines and located to the right of the column titles. This menu provides options to Clear Filters (if sorting by column title), Toggle Filters, add or remove Columns by clicking available fields, or Export a list of all, displayed, or selected contacts in comma separated value (.csv) file format.

When Exporting your Contacts, you can select all by clicking the Check Mark column header, or select specific rows by clicking the Check Mark to the left of each row you want included. Then visit the Contacts Menu to export All Data, Visible Data, or Selected Data to Excel.

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