Click on the green Create button at the top middle of your browser, and from the drop-down menu choose either Basic Group or one of the more specific Contact Types

Note: You can always change a Basic Group to another Contact Type later. If the Contact Type you want does not exist, ask your administrator to create it for you. Learn more about Contact Types here

On the next screen, input the group's name. 

Your system will suggest possible matches, to help avoid duplicates. If you think one of the the suggested matches is the group you want to create, hover over their name and it will give you extra details to help confirm if it is them or not. If it is them, simply select their name and it will take you to their page, otherwise continue creating the new group!

Fill out the new group's information; questions can vary depending on the type of group you are creating. 

At the bottom of the page, you can Enroll your new group in one or more Programs and Assign staff members. If the program(s) you are enrolling the contact into have Program Categories you will be prompted to select those as well. 

When you’re ready to save, click the blue Save button at the bottom. If you want to discard the group, click cancel. After Saving, the group's dashboard will appear and your group is ready to go!

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