If you forgot your password, use the Log-in page feature
to request a password reset.

For security reasons, VerticalChange cannot reset your password. 

1.) Request Password Reset

On the log-in page, mouse over and select the text,
"Don't remember your password?"

A new prompt, "Reset your password", will request your email address.
Type in the email address associated with your Vertical Change user account, and hit enter; or select the 'SEND EMAIL' button.

The log-in page will update with a message, "WE'VE JUST SENT YOU AN EMAIL TO RESET YOUR PASSWORD."

2.) Reset your password.

Visit your email inbox, which should contain a system-generated email titled "Password Reset Instructions". Remember to check your spam or other junk email folders if you don't see this email right away. It is sent by support@verticalchange.com.

Select the link in this email, "Please use this link to reset your password." This will open a new web page in Vertical Change titled, "Update Password" with your account email address displayed.

Once you enter your new password and confirm it, you'll see the "Success!" message and be directed to a new Vertical Change log-in page to confirm these new credentials: email address, and new password.

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