About Field Groups

Field groups allow you to organize common fields into groups, and to use the branching feature to only show certain fields based on a selection in a single or multiple answer field.

The steps below will walk you through how to add a visible Field Group to your form in order to organize common fields.

If you would like to add field groups that are hidden and appear using our branching feature, please see the article on Branching Field Groups from Questions

Adding to the Form

To add a Field Group to your form, simply click the Field Group button under Available Fields section, or click and drag it into the desired location in your form.

Once it is added to your form, you can toggle open the settings and change the Label for the field group.

Once you have updated the field group's label, you can begin adding field types inside of the field group by dragging and dropping from the Available Fields list to the middle of the Field Group. 

You can update each field inside of the Field Group by toggling the settings of each field. 

Filling out a Form

When filling out a form for a contact or group with a visible Field Group, it will appear as below. Your Field Group will be represented as a gray box, and all of the common fields that you added will be inside of the field group. 

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