About the Relationships Field

The Relationships field allows you to create a relationship between one contact and another contact in VerticalChange through a form result. 

For example, if you are filling out a contact form for a client, and you would like to track who that client's child is, you can add a Relationship field to the client's contact form, type in the child's name, and select the correct child in VerticalChange from a dropdown box. The two contacts will then be connected and you can view their relationships from their Groups tab. 

You can also add Relationship fields to activity and assessment forms to track when a secondary contact has a relationship with your person or group contact through an activity or assessment. 

In another example, if you are recording evaluations on a classroom or site contact, you may want to connect to that form the teacher contact that was present during the evaluation. By adding a Relationship field to the assessment form, you can select the teacher that was present during the evaluation. The teacher contact will then have a relationship with the site contact, listed on the teacher's Groups tab.

Adding to a Form

To add the Relationships field to your form, simply click the Relationships button under Available Fields section, or click and drag it into the desired location in your form.

Once it is added to your form, you can toggle open the settings and edit the field. For this field type, you can:

  1. Change the Label
  2. Set it as a Required field (adds a red asterisk next to the Label).
  3. Update the Relationship type between the two contacts that will appear in the Groups tab
  4. Restrict the contacts that appear in the dropdown options to contacts with a particular contact type
  5. Restrict the field to only allow one contact
  6. Update the Placeholder

Filling out a Form

When filling out a form for a contact or group with a Relationships field, it will appear as below. To connect a contact in the VerticalChange system, begin typing the name of the contact in the text box.

A dropdown box will appear matching the contacts in your system with the name you have typed. You can hover over each contact to view additional information about them.

If the contact is already in the system, click on the correct one and it will be added to the field.

You can remove the contact from that field at any time by clicking the remove button. 

If you have typed in the name, and the contact is not yet in VerticalChange, you can select the create NEW contact called "Name" to add a contact to VerticalChange. A popup window with the contact name you specified should appear, and here you can edit the contact's details. You can set the type of contact, as well as enroll them in programs.

Viewing the Relationships

When viewing form results or contact forms with Relationship fields, any contact that is linked through that field will be hyperlinked. Clicking on the contact's name will bring you to the contact's profile. 

You can then view the relationship information between the two contacts by visiting the linked contact's Groups tab and viewing the Relationships listed by others section.

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