⭕ This article is for users with the Admin role.

When adding new staff users or managing your users, you have the option to control the user role. In agencies where permissions are not enabled, the user role determines what areas of the application your user has access to. 

(If your agency has permissions, you can still set a user's role, but the permission set that you assign to the user primarily controls what they have access to).

To change a user's role, click on the Staff button in the lefthand navigation menu.

Then click on the name of a staff member.

Click on the Roles tab. Here you will see which role they were assigned.

To change it, click on the linked role name (either admin or user). This will bring up a list of role options to choose from (admin, user or cancel). Select the role you'd like to assign to your user, or select cancel to exit the process. 

Roles in VerticalChange

  • Admin: Admin users have view, edit, and delete access in all areas of VerticalChange. This includes form templates, form results, contacts, programs, reports, staff and account settings. Admins do not have permission to update or remove permission sets and cannot delete contact forms. 
  • Basic User: Basic users (or the user role) have view access and limited edit and delete access. Basic users have all permissions for contacts, including archiving/deleting contacts, deleting form results and editing contact information. Basic users have access to view form templates, but cannot edit or delete them. They also have access to Programs, but cannot edit or delete a program or create, edit or delete a program goal. 
  • Account Owner: The account owner role is typically the person in charge of managing their agencies settings in VerticalChange. In addition to have access to all areas of their agency, account owners have permission to create, edit and delete permission sets. Account owners must be set by the VerticalChange team, so please reach out if you need this role turned on for a staff member. 
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