⭕ This article is for users with the Admin role.

There are three settings that admins can turn on and off depending on what they want for their agency.

To view the settings, navigate to the Account section from the lefthand navigation menu, then click on the Settings tab. 

On this page, you will see three checkbox settings, each have a different purpose in the application.

Enable saving form results when required fields are not entered

If you have forms with required fields, you have two options for what to do if your users do not complete those required fields:

1. Disable the 'Save' button, making it required to complete those fields in order to save the form. To set this option, make sure the checkbox is unchecked.

2. Turn on 'Save With Missing Required Fields', allowing your users to save the form result, but marking the form result and contact status as incomplete. To set this option, make sure the checkbox is checked.

Enable setting contact status to 'new'

If this box is checked, your contacts will be given the status of new if they have no assigned staff and no form results. 

If this box is not checked, new contacts will be given the status of active. 

Enable display of contact unique identifier (uid) on contact sidebar

Every contact is assigned a Unique ID in VerticalChange, which you can learn more about here.

Checking this box will add the contact's Unique ID to their sidebar, and unchecking this box will remove it from their sidebar. 

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